Brazilian Futsal Experience: Miles and Daniel Downie had a 3 month experience


Miles was picked for the Australian Futsal Team while still in Brazil, and helped the Futsalroos in their brillant performance in Kuala Lampur last week, when Australia lost to Brazil in the semis. Now he is going to play with Playas, one of the best teams in Spain.
Daniel is going back to Australia, where he hopes to keep playing futsal at a high level there.
FIFA Futsal World Championship 2008
This year, the FIFA Futsal World Championship will be in Brazil in october. It will start October 1st and the final match will be in October 19th. Bras?lia, Jaragu? do Sul and Rio de janeiro are the cities selected to host the games. Twenty countries are expected. Four places for Asia, two for Africa, three for North and Central America, three for South America, six for Europe, one for Oceania and one for Brazil.