The Youth League Report (Division One Youth League) Round 5


This may be an indication that there are many more changes to come, keeping us all guessing each and every week.
Club Championship
Camden Tigers lead the table by seven points after they split the points evenly at seven apiece at home to sixth placed Hurstville City Minotaurs while Sydney University remained at second despite the fact that they took only five points from their visit to fifth placed Mt Druitt Town Rangers.
Fraser Park and Rockdale City Suns swapped places at third and fourth when the Dragons earned twelve points from their head-to-head clash and Springwood remained at seventh when they shared the points at seven apiece with ninth placed St George.
Stanmore Hawks remained at eighth after they bagged nine points at home to twelfth placed Hills Brumbies while Hakoah and Gladesville Ryde Magic happily took seven points each from their encounter.
Grade 13
There were only a few changes of position this week in this competition but each of them will be seen as being very important. 
Rockdale City Suns are now three points clear at the top of the table after they remained unbeaten with a 2-1 victory over Fraser Park who have dropped back a place to third while Camden Tigers moved into second spot when they were held to a 2-2 draw by Hurstville City Minotaurs who went back one place to eighth.
Mt Druitt Town Rangers remained at fourth after they posted a 2-1 success over sixth placed Sydney University and Springwood are still fifth following their 2-1 win over St George who slipped back one position to tenth.
Hakoah dropped back to ninth when they were beaten -0 by Gladesville Ryde Magic who are now eleventh and Hills Brumbies flew from tenth to seventh thanks to their 3-0 win over Stanmore Hawks who have dropped back one place to twelfth.
Grade 14
The table has a very different look about it this week as there were a great many changes in the positions held by the teams.
Camden Tigers shot from third to the top of the ladder when they were 6-1 victors over Hurstville City Minotaurs who were tasting defeat for the first time and it caused them to slip back two places to third while Stanmore Hawks are placed second on goal difference following their 2-1 win over Hills Brumbies who have dropped back one place to eleventh.
Fraser Park held onto fourth place with a 2-1 result over eighth placed Rockdale City Suns and Mt Druitt Town Rangers zoomed upward two places to fifth when they were 1-0 winners over ninth placed Sydney University.
Springwood dropped back one spot to sixth when they battled out a scoreless draw with seventh placed St George and Hakoah jumped two places to tenth after they posted their first win for the season, a 2-0 result over Gladesville Ryde Magic who have slipped back to twelfth.
Grade 15
Every team in the top half of this competition changed this week and that has led to a great deal of interest being stirred in each and every result.
Fraser Park moved up one place to take over the competition lead with a 3-0 win over Rockdale City Suns who have tumbled from back three places to fourth while Hurstville City Minotaurs jumped from third to second when they won 3-1 over Camden Tigers who have slipped from fourth to sixth.
Stanmore Hawks shot from fifth to third thanks to their 2-1 result over twelfth placed Hills Brumbies and Springwood rose one place to fifth when they produced a 2-1 scoreline to defeat eleventh placed St George.
Mt Druitt Town Rangers and Sydney University remained at seventh and eighth respectively when their clash ended at 1-1 while Hakoah held onto ninth position even though they lost 1-0 to tenth placed Gladesville Ryde Magic who were posting their first win for the season.
Grade 16
At the end of the day only the top and bottom teams were in the positions which they had occupied before a ball was kicked.
Sydney University now have leading margin of six points at the top of the table following their scoreless draw with Mt Druitt Town Rangers who have tumbled back three places to tenth while St George soared from fifth to second when they were 2-0 winners over Springwood who slipped back one place to eleventh.
Rockdale City Suns dropped back two places to fourth when they went down 3-0 to Fraser Park who jumped from eleventh to ninth and Hurstville City Minotaurs scooted from sixth to third with a 3-2 victory over Camden Tigers who have plummeted four places to eighth.
Stanmore Hawks rocketed from eighth to fifth following their 3-1 success over twelfth placed Hills Brumbies while Hakoah leapt upward three positions to sixth thanks to their 2-1 win over Gladesville Ryde Magic who dropped from third to seventh.
Grade 18
This was probably the quietest week this competition has seen this season but there were still some changes to the pecking order and each of those will be regarded as being important.
Camden Tigers took their perfect start to the season to five wins when they recorded a 5-2 win over twelfth placed Hurstville City Minotaurs and Sydney University remained at second on goal difference after they posted a solid 4-0 scoreline over third placed Mt Druitt Town Rangers.
Gladesville Ryde Magic jumped into fourth place after their scoreless draw with tenth placed Hakoah while Rockdale City Suns dropped back two places to sixth when they suffered a 2-1 loss to seventh placed Fraser Park.
Springwood went back three places to ninth following their 3-0 defeat at the hands of St George who have risen one place to eighth and Hills Brumbies jumped two places to fifth with a 3-0 victory over eleventh placed Stanmore Hawks.
-By Barry Davis