Qantas Futsalroos squad named for AFC Futsal Championship 2010


Knight was very happy with the squad he has selected for this tournament. 
?The players I have named today are the best available players that we have at the moment,? said Knight
?The key aspect we have worked on in the lead-up to the tournament has been to significantly raise our fitness levels to be competitive against the full-time professional players we will face in Tashkent.
?Our first match against Kuwait will be crucial if we are to have any chance of progressing to the knock-out phase and I am sure that all the players will be up for that challenge.
?Although we are looking to progress as far as possible in this tournament, the experience gained will be very beneficial for the next edition of competition which will also serve as qualifiers for the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup,? concluded Knight .
The Qantas Futsalroos have been placed alongside Iran, Kuwait and Tajikistan in Group B for the AFC Futsal Championship 2010.
In the other groups, host nation Uzbekistan has drawn Chinese Taipei, Indonesia and Lebanon in Group A, whilst 2008 runner’s up Thailand is drawn in Group C with three-time semi-finalists Kyrgyzstan, Korea Republic and Vietnam. Group D includes 2006 winners Japan with Turkmenistan, Iraq and China PR. 
The Qantas Futsalroos opening match of the tournament will be against Kuwait on 23 May (kick-off 8pm local, AEST), followed by IR Iran on 24 May (kick-off 8pm local, AEST) with their last group match against Tajikistan on 26 May (kick-off 3pm local, AEST).
The Qantas Futsalroos qualified for the AFC Futsal Championship 2010 after going through the AFC Futsal Championship ASEAN Zone qualifiers, which were played in Jakarta in February, undefeated, accounting for the host nation Indonesia 4-1 in the final.
Qantas Futsalroos Squad
AFC Futsal Championship 2010
23-30 May 2010
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Shervin Adeli     Inner West Allstars, NSW
Daniel Fogarty   Inner West Allstars, NSW
Greg Giovenali   Salaria Sporting Village, Italy
Simon Keith      Maccabi Futsal, NSW
Angelo Konstantinou      Boomerangs FS, ACT
Dean Lockhart   Campbelltown City Quake, NSW
Ian McAndrew   Campbelltown City Quake, NSW
Ray Miller          Uncontracted
Danny Ngaluafe RBAC University, Thailand
Tom Rogic        ANU, ACT
Pat Ross-Magee Boomerangs FS, ACT
Tobias Seeto     Lanzarote Tias Yaiza, Portugal
Peter Spathis    Sydney City, NSW
Adrian Vizzari    Inner West Allstars, NSW
Team Officials
Head Coach – Steven Knight (NSW)
Assistant Coach – Robert Varela (NSW)
Goalkeeper Coach – Roger Cua (ACT)
Physiotherapist – Michael Sette (VIC)
Team Manager – Chris Conti (FFA)

AFC Futsal Championship 2010
23-30 May 2010
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tournament Groupings and Match Schedule
Group A: Uzbekistan, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Lebanon
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
1          23 May 2010 12:30        UZBEKISTAN-LEBANON           Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
5          23 May 2010 17:30        CHINESE TAIPEI-INDONESIA    Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
9          24 May 2010 12:30        LEBANON-CHINESE TAIPEI      Uzbekistan Sports
13         24 May 2010 17:30        INDONESIA-UZBEKISTAN         Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
17         25 May 2010 12:30        UZBEKISTAN-CHINESE TAIPEI Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
18         25 May 2010 12:30        INDONESIA-LEBANON IT University Complex   
Group B: Iran, Kuwait, Australia, Tajikistan
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
3          23 May 2010 15:00        I.R. IRAN-TAJIKISTAN    Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
7          23 May 2010 20:00        KUWAIT-AUSTRALIA     Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
11         24 May 2010 15:00        TAJIKISTAN-KUWAIT     Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
15         24 May 2010 20:00        AUSTRALIA-I.R. IRAN    Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
19         25 May 2010 15:00        I.R. IRAN-KUWAIT         Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
20         25 May 2010 15:00        AUSTRALIA-TAJIKISTAN           IT University Complex   
Group C: Thailand, Vietnam, Korea Republic, Kyrgyzstan
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
2          23 May 2010 12:30        THAILAND-KYRGYZSTAN         IT University Complex   
6          23 May 2010 17:30        VIETNAM-KOREA REPUBLIC    IT University Complex   
10         24 May 2010 12:30        KYRGYZSTAN-VIETNAM           IT University Complex   
14         24 May 2010 17:30        KOREA REPUBLIC-THAILAND   IT University Complex   
21         25 May 2010 17:30        THAILAND-VIETNAM     Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
22         25 May 2010 17:30        KOREA REPUBLIC-KYRGYZSTAN         IT University Complex   
Group D: Japan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, China PR
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
4          23 May 2010 15:00        JAPAN-CHINA P.R.       IT University Complex   
8          23 May 2010 20:00        TURKMENISTAN-IRAQ IT University Complex   
12         24 May 2010 15:00        CHINA P.R.-TURKMENISTAN     IT University Complex   
16         24 May 2010 20:00        IRAQ-JAPAN     IT University Complex   
23         25 May 2010 20:00        JAPAN-TURKMENISTAN           Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
24         25 May 2010 20:00        IRAQ-CHINA P.R.          IT University Complex   
Quarter Finals Stage
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
25         27 May 2010 11:00        Winner Group C-Runner Up Group D      Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
26         27 May 2010 14:00        Winner Group D-Runner Up Group C      Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
27         27 May 2010 17:00        Winner Group A-Runner Up Group B       Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
28         27 May 2010 20:00        Winner Group B-Runner Up Group A       Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
Semi Finals Stage
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
29         28 May 2010 16:30        Winner QF1-Winner QF2             Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
30         28 May 2010 19:30        Winner QF3-Winner QF4             Uzbekistan Sports Complex      

Third Place Play-Off
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
31         30 May 2010 15:00        Loser SF1-Loser SF2     Uzbekistan Sports Complex      
#          Date     Match   Venue   Result
32         30 May 2010 18:00        Winner SF1-Winner SF2             Uzbekistan Sports Complex