FNSW Talks with current Futsalroo Tobias Seeto


Name: Tobias Seeto
Club: Lanzarote Tias Yaiza (Spain)
Position: Cierre
When did you start playing Futsal and why? At the age of 11, because it was another chance to play football
What?s the best thing about playing overseas? Immersing yourself in a different culture and learning and improving your futsal almost everyday
What Futsal League you would like to play in: The Spanish first division
When did you make your Futsalroo debut? In the 2007 Asian Cup (Osaka, JPN) vs. Korea Republic
How did you go in your first International match? We won 3-1
How do you see the current Futsalroos squad? There is definitely a lot of promise in the current squad. I see us in a transitional period with many young guys making the team, which is good for the sport. It gives the coaches plenty to work with and a bright outlook for the future.
Do you still get nervous before games? Or is it just before the really big matches now (Cup games, Internationals etc)? For all games I still get a bit nervous, but once I?m on the court and the game has started you forget about nerves and just play.
What is your opinion of the state of Futsal in Australia? Futsal in Australia is still a small sport without enough structure and financial backing. We need to promote the game as much as possible and get more people involved in the game. This will allow us to find big name sponsors who will help put money into futsal. This way we can set up the kinds of training and tournaments/leagues which would ensure futsal expands and improves. Also it is vital to ensure young kids have the right coaching and career paths to develop into better players for the future. It needs to be a sport in its own right, not just a development tool for football.
If there was a National League in Australia would you have still gone abroad? Hard to say, but if one is created then I would love to come back and play in it.
What advice would you give juniors starting their Futsal Careers? Keep at it, never lose the opportunity to train or play and most of all enjoy it, because that is why you are playing sport.
What are your most memorable Futsal moments so far? Getting ready for a few Spanish first division matches and scoring goals playing in the second division. Also you never forget every time you play for Australia.
What?s your most embarrassing moment on a Futsal court? Probably getting thumped in a league game by one of the top teams, in the season we have just finished. We played away in Andorra and lost 11-0 and walking off the court afterwards was very embarrassing.
Which Match will you always remember? A couple; my debut for Australia and making the bench for a televised Spanish league game
Which player would you pay money to go and watch? Ricardinho
If you could choose 4 team mates who would they be? Fernandao, Ricardinho, Torras and Luis Amado
Who is the Funniest Futsalroo? A. Vizzari
What song do you listen to before you play? I don?t often listen to music before playing, but I suppose anything relaxing
Which coach had the most impact on you? My youth coaches at Dural
If you were not playing Futsal, what would you be doing? Probably still studying
When you decide to hang up the shoes, will you remain in Futsal? I hope so; I would love to coach one day
Is there a website the Futsal fans back home can follow your progress during the season? On www.lnfs.es the homepage of the Spanish league. They also just recently released an English option for worldwide followers
Football NSW would like thank Tobias for his time and wish him all the best with the current Futsalroo squad competiting at the AFC Futsal Championships in Uzbekistan from 23-30 May.