Arrive alive WPL Player Interview with Illawarra Stingrays? Courtney Danyi


1) Your name and occupation?
Courtney Danyi, University student (studying exercise science), Sandwich Artist- Subway
2) Your favored playing position?
Left or Right Wing Back or Midfield
3) What was your first junior club?
Tahmoor Soccer Club (under 7?s) quit to play netball and then played for Picton Rangers when I was 10 years old for the U14?s
4) What made you take up football?
I used to go to training when my brother played. Caitlin and I used to steal a ball and chase each other with it. Someone must of been watching and asked us to play. We then stopped playing and took up netball before the Coach from Picton Rangers needed to fill a team and asked us to play. So, we gave the skirt a flick, pulled on a pair of shorts and haven?t looked back.
5) Who has been your most positive influence on your football career?
My family. My Dad is always there to help improve my game and is always honest. Mum is always very positive and never misses a game. My twin sister Caitlin is always there to give advice and, at the same time, push me. There?s always competition between us.
6) Which footballer do you admire most?
Michelle Carney. She always works hard and is very competitive in everything she does (and I mean everything!). I?d love to be able to have a long and successful career like her.
7) Do you have any match day superstitions (lucky socks, left shoe before right, etc)?
Not really, but I always like to be organized and not be rushed. I always try to kick with Caitlin before we play. 
8) If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people who would they be? Why?
Lance Armstrong (To hear about his remarkable and inspirational experiences and comeback), The Morris twins (for a date for my sister and I; only if it?s two for the price of one) and Pink for her energy and entertainment.  
9) What song best describes your approach to football?
Headstrong by Trapt
10) Is there a particular pre game meal you like to eat?
Hmm, I?d say a nice salad sandwich.
11) What is your favorite football memory? 
Being undefeated and winning the Grand Final in the same year with the U14?s at Macarthur Rams. Also being selected in the U15?s NSW Metropolitan team.