Walsh indicates Berries not finished yet


?We?ve struggled with injuries, like most clubs, but when you are at the bottom the luck seems to desert you as well so you just have to put your head down, work harder and ensure you give 100% each game.?
You never know which Berries side will turn up on any given weekend and recent results bear this out: ?Against Sutherland we fell asleep 10-minutes before and after the break and were punished but against Sydney United last weekend I thought we were unlucky not to get all the points.
?We didn?t do anything different in training but in the games against Bonnyrigg and Marconi we conceded late goals and that has been the difference this season.
?Steve Karavatakis came in and everyone seems to lift another gear and wants to impress but that is the only difference as the commitment hasn?t changed as we all want to do our best for not only ourselves but our supporters too.
?The competition is very tight and there isn?t a lot between the teams and if we win this weekend we will start to climb the ladder and who knows from there??
Having played a handful of games for Sydney FC, he signed for Wollongong before the club went into administration and returned to train with Sydney FC for the remainder of last season, he is anxious to get back to the A-League: ?Of course I want to be back playing in the A-League, many of the guys do but it?s a case of working hard and hopefully getting the opportunity again and making sure I take it.
?A lot of players welcome the introduction of the new West Sydney side, not just at the Berries, because it opens new opportunities for players and the football fans in that area of Sydney.
?The league needs to expand and always was going to but I suppose the initial thinking was perhaps the worry of enough player talent to go around a larger competition but the league is growing and more talent is coming through the likes of the NSWPL so things are looking good.?
Walsh prefers the right-back role but is happy to play anywhere across the back-line or wherever needed in the team and finishes: ?I don?t think our position (at time of writing) is a true reflection of where the club should be and we are capable of much more and if we start to get the luck we?ll pick up the points our play, at times this season, deserves.?
Covering both the Sutherland and Sydney United matches against the Berries on consecutive weekends, it was a total transformation, a totally different team that turned up and if the side that played United turns up for the remainder of the campaign, don?t bet against West Sydney upsetting a few sides and in having a major say in the title race.
-By Micky Brock