Football NSW Futsal Announce Partnership with Highland Soccer Association


Recently appointed Futsal Manager Troy McColl and Futsal Administrator Damian Briggs met with the Highlands Soccer Association about setting up Futsal Competitions at the Moss Vale Basketball Association.
Highlands Soccer Association Director of Coaching and Development Nick D?Amore also met with Football NSW with a view to promote Futsal in the Southern Highlands and was co-operative with the alliance.
?The introduction of Futsal in the Highlands is a very important part of the development program to produce technically better players and also giving the opportunity to enjoy the fun and fast game of Futsal for both young and old. 
?All football players and coaches are looking forward to Football NSW Futsal working with the association.?
There are currently 1800 registered members at the Highlands Soccer Association with the majority of these players under the age of 16.
Football NSW Futsal sees this partnership as a great opportunity to develop at grassroots level within a Regional part of NSW. This provides an outlet for players to hone and be educated in the wonderful game that is Futsal.
The Highlands Soccer Association in conjunction with Futsal Football NSW are also conducting World Cup Fever Camps set to commence on the 5th of July running till the 8th of July at the Moss Vale Basketball Stadium. For more information on this visit the Football NSW Futsal website on