Club Checklist

Ensure all club volunteers are registered as a football participant.

As the registration period nears its end, Clubs are reminded about the requirement for all club staff and volunteers, including committee members, MPIOs, coaches, managers, technical directors, physiotherapists etc. to be registered in Play Football (or the relevant online registration platform) as a football participant.  This is a vital step for Clubs to ensure all participants are covered by the Football NSW Insurance Program.

Verify WWC numbers of all persons working/volunteering with children u18 at the club, unless exempt.

Verifying WWC Numbers in the online WWC verification system is the most important part of the WWCC process.  Clubs, Associations, Branches and Referees Associations are legally required to obtain the WWC Numbers from their workers and volunteers and then take the next important step to verify the WWC numbers in the online verification system and record the details of those verifications.

The 4 main steps to WWC compliance are:

  1. REGISTER – for the WWCC and have a WWC Employer Registration Number.
  2. OBTAIN – the WWC Numbers, Names & DOB of all persons working/volunteering with children u18 at the club, unless exempt.
  3. VERIFY – clubs MUST verify all WWC Numbers in the online verification system.
  4. RECORD – the details of each online verification must be entered into the club’s WWC Verification Records.

Club compliance checks commence this month and will continue throughout 2024.  Govt fines can be issued for non-compliance.

Click here for more information FNSW Working with Children Check Compliance or to watch a video about verifying click here

Schedule a maintenance check for your club’s defibrillators.

Defibrillators are important life-saving devices and many lives have been saved in football with quick and effective CPR in conjunction with the use of a defibrillator. At the start of every season and at regular intervals, clubs should check that their defibrillators are fully operational and that the battery and AED pads have not expired.

Click here for FNSW First Aid & Defibrillator Information

Make sure your club committee is up to date on the latest details of the Football NSW Insurance Program for 2024.

Personal Accident Insurance

The Personal Accident benefits remain in place for Capital Benefits, Non-Medicare Medical expenses, Loss of income and Student tutoring for participants injured while participating in official sanctioned football activities, subject to policy terms and conditions.

The process for lodging claims remains the same via the online claims portal.  One obvious change for clubs, however, is the new Sportscover Club Declaration form which is still completed and signed by the club to confirm the injury was sustained during participation and to confirm the claimant is a registered participant.  Once signed by the club, the Club Declaration is then uploaded into the claims portal by the claimant as usual.

Click here for the FNSW Participants Insurance Summary.

FNSW Club Insurance Handbook 2024

The FNSW Club Insurance Handbook provides important information about the insurances applicable to clubs, associations, referee branches and all registered participants for the 2024 season.

The Handbook provides relevant policy information for Clubs in relation to:

  1. Personal Accident Insurance
  2. Management Liability insurance
  3. Public and Product Liability insurance
  4. Professional Indemnity insurance

Click here for the FNSW Club & Association Insurance Program Summary.

Click here for the FNSW Club Insurance Handbook.

Note the Handbook is provided for club information only and is not for distribution, display or linking on club websites. 

Top-Up Insurance Information

The Football NSW Insurance Program includes Personal Accident insurance for appropriately registered players and/or non-playing officials that are injured while engaged in activities sanctioned by Football NSW.

Details about the Football NSW Insurance Program can be found here and additional information about Personal Accident insurance can be found here.


Appropriately registered participants also have the option to purchase additional Loss of Income Cover (Top-Up Cover).

Please click here for more information about the Top-Up Cover or contact Gow-Gates directly with any questions on (02) 8267 9999 or