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About Football NSW Inclusion Programs

Football NSW provides opportunities to our football family for individuals of all abilities to promote inclusion, diversity and collaboration. Our football4all programs form the main part of our inclusive profile which are Club and Association run all ability programs. In addition to these programs FNSW hosts the football4all Gala Day to celebrate and bring together all of these programs in a festive like event. FNSW also supports the likes of Powerchair Football who have all competition matches held at VSP, as well as the NSW State CP Football Team who compete at the National CP Football Championships.

Football NSW also supports the Indigenous and Multicultural community with support of events such as Nations of Origin (held in Speers Point) and the National Indigenous Football Championships (held in South Nowra).

For information on any inclusive football programs, please contact Charlotte Ercil on 02 8814 4459 or [email protected]

Football NSW Inclusion Programs


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Powerchair Football

AWD Futsal

Indigenous Football Programs

Multicultural Football

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Football NSW 10th Annual football4all Gala Day