About Kinder Kick-Off

A modified version of the MiniRoos Kick-Off program specifically designed to be delivered in the Early Learning Centre Environment!

Sit down, relax and watch! We take care of everything! We will come to your centre, set everything up with our own equipment and run a 45 minute session with the children. This will run once a week for 8 weeks and cost just $10 per session, per child. This great price includes an MiniRoos Participant Pack for each participant which is comprised of a boot bag, football, water bottle, shin pads and a sticker sheet of your local Hyundai A-League/Westfield W-League club!

The benefits of this program for the children are endless. They include:

  • Build fundamental motor skills;
  • Keep healthy by getting active;
  • Activities aim to improve and self-esteem;
  • Low participant-to-coach ration resulting in greater individual engagement;
  • Strengthen friendships and develop fundamental social skills;
  • Develop values of team work, cooperation, fair play, and respect for other;

We understand that that preschools have requirements. Therefore, we have taken careful measures to satisfy certain aspects.

Element 2.1.3-Healthy lifestyle requires that ‘Healthy eating and physical activity are promoted and appropriate for each child’. Kinder Kick-Off gets all children involved in the fun no matter their skills or abilities. We promote football in a way that encourages children to have fun while getting them active in the games and activities!

Your centre will also reap of benefits, such as:

  • Receive an MiniRoos Delivery kit (balls, goals, cones, bibs) to continue promoting football at your centre;
  • Give your staff a break from the everyday classes and engage in physical activity themselves;
  • Football NSW will manage and administer the registration process;
  • Football NSW will provide further engagement opportunities with the wider football community;

To book in a free demonstration, book a program or just find out more information about the program please email Game Development Coordinator – MiniRoos, Cameron Whitton at [email protected] or call in at 02 8814 4443

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