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AT 20-02 – Randwick City FC v Coogee United FC

Randwick City FC (RCFC) appealed the decision of the ESFA Appeal Committee on the following grounds:
1. the decision was one that was not reasonably open to the to a Body or a Members Appeals Committee.

1. The Appeal is allowed.
2, The determination of the ESFA Judiciary Committee, dated 31 August 2020 and of the ESFA Appeal Committee, dated 5 October 2020, each be set aside.
3. The original administrative decision of ESFA be reinstated, namely, that the result of the 16 August 2020 fixture between RCFC and Coogee United FC is a forfeit in favour of RCFC.
4. ESFA reimburse RCFC the FNSWAT application fee of $500.

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