Matter Number Parties Charges Decision Key Words
MGPT 20-02 Benjamin Spruce

1. The Respondent was issued a Red Card for bringing down an opposing player entering the opponent’s penalty are from behind with an illegal challenge in breach of section 16.4(d), Table A, R5, Offence Code 01-01 of the Football NSW Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations (Regulations).
2. After being issued with the Red Card, the Respondent uttered offensive, insulting or abusive language towards the Match Official in breach of section 16.4(d), Table B, Offence Code 04-01 of the Regulations.

1. Guilty- 1 Fixture Suspension.
2. Guilty- 3 Fixture Suspension.

MGPT 20-01 Daniel Araujo

1. The Respondent struck the opposing player with the studs of his boot along his chin and down his neck in breach of section 16.4(d), Schedule 3, Table A, R2 Offence, Offence Code 04-01 or in the alternative Offence Code 03-01 of the Football NSW 2019 Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations (Regulations).

1. Guilty- Five (5) Fixtures.

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