Matter Number Parties Charges Decision Key Words
AT 21-02 Noel Dona v Granville and Districts Soccer Football Association (GDSFA)

The Appellant appealed a determination of the GDSFA Appeals Tribunal (the GDSFA AT) on the following grounds:
1. a party was not afforded a reasonably opportunity to present its case ;
2, the decision was one that was not reasonably open to a body or a member appeals committee having regard to the evidence before the body or the member appeals committee; and
3. severity.

1. The appeal is upheld on the basis that the Appellant was not afforded a reasonable opportunity to present his case on sanction.
2. The determination of the GDSFA AT is quashed and in its place, the FNSW AT determines as follows:
a. The Appellant is guilty of charges 3-8 of the Notice of Charge; and
b. The Appellant is issued a a six (6) week suspension from football related activities in respect of these charges commencing from 9 March 2021.

AT 21-01 Thomas James v Football NSW

The Player appealed the Determination from the Football NSW General Purposes Tribunal (GPT) on the following ground:
1. the decision was one that was not reasonably open the GPT having regards to the evidence before it.

Football NSW cross-appealed on the following grounds:
1. having regard to the evidence before it, the GPT's decision to dismiss Charge 1, was not reasonably open to it;
2. in the alternative, with respect to Charge 1, the same facts and findings of the GPT give rise to the lesser charge of - Schedule 3, Table C, Offence Code 03-01 "Unsportsmanlike or unprofessional behaviour, and that pursuant to s 13.11(f), it the GPT was not satisfied that Charge 1 was made out on the evidence before it, and should have been satisfied that the lesser charge has been proven.
3, leniency- with respect to the charge of "serious violent conduct".

1. the appeal of the Player is dismissed.
2. The cross appeal of Football NSW is dismissed.
3. The GPT Determination is affirmed.

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