Inter Lions and Concord Juniors to host Adult Special Needs Program


Inter Lions and Concord Juniors FC will come together to host an Adult Special Needs Program called “Let’s Get Going” this Saturday at Majors Bay Reserve.

Kicking off at 3pm, the day hopes to inspire footballers of special abilities to take part in the world game on an annual occurrence.

“Let’s Get Going” is a non-profit mentor and experience program.

The organisation aims to aspire to promote the health and well-being of adults from the age of 18 years old of varied abilities.

One of the organisation’s goals is to provide a fitness program and experiences that will be fun, safe and enhance social relationships.

Its main objective is to promote wellness throughout adult life.

Let’s Get Going has a strong emphasis on mentoring which will provide informal experiences for building the skills and developing a positive interpretation of personal self through the input and/or assistance of an experienced coach or peer.

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