MiniRoos Schools Programs

Based on the National MiniRoos Kick-Off program, the Football NSW MiniRoos Schools Program is a 6-week program that builds confidence through short game-based activities, delivered in an engaging and inclusive environment. Our MiniRoos Schools program focuses on participation with each player getting plenty of time on the ball to build fundamental motor skills, encouraging them to have fun, play for their school team or their local club and to show students that being active and healthy can be fun.

The MiniRoos Schools Program is a user pay program designed to run over a six-week block. Football NSW Development Officers will run the students through a series of planned activities designed to introduce and enhance their skills as well as improve coordination, fitness and enjoyment of the game of football, regardless of whether they play outside of school or not.

Football NSW MiniRoos Schools Gala Day

Football NSW MiniRoos Gala Days will bring together students to participate in football matches on smaller fields in a round robin format at either your school or a local venue.

Providing a fun opportunity for boys and girls, Football NSW is delighted to support and facilitate the MiniRoos Schools Gala Day in a flexible delivery style (Boys/Girls pools or Mixed) to ensure our gala day meets your school’s needs.

At $2 per student, this one-off event is perfect to introduce students to the game in a fun environment. The focus is entirely on enjoyment and participation as there will be no winners or scores recorded.

MiniRoos Gala Day

There are limited spots available so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment. If you would like more information on MiniRoos Gala Days, please do not hesitate in contacting Kristen Prior.