Football NSW Referees Branch

The newly formed Football NSW Referees Branch encompasses all match officials on Football NSW Competition fixtures, including Senior officials that service NPL & Leagues competitions, Junior officials as part of the Football NSW Academy & Referee Development Panel, along with Technical members such as coaches, mentors and assessors.

The Football NSW Referees Branch aims to:

  • Produce the best officials within the Asian Football Confederation
  • Increase the amount of officials engaged in high performance development programs
  • Provide outstanding membership support and services
  • Improve retention rates of officials
  • Improve coverage of officials within FNSW Competitions

The new Branch provides a seamless pathway from the Talented Youth Referee development programs to First Grade competitions, allowing for more effective and efficient development of match officials.

The Branch primarily comprises of match officials that are appointed to the following Competitions and/or part of the following development programs:

  • National Premier Leagues NSW – Women & Men
  • FNSW Senior Leagues – Women & Men
  • Girls & Boys Youth League
  • Football NSW Referees Academy
  • FNSW Referee Development Panel

Branch members are be supported by a ‘Referee Technical Unit’ comprised of a Referee Technical Director and a Head coach for each panel, which reflect the Competitions.

Community Referees that wish to challenge themselves within the Football NSW Referee Branch and on Football NSW Competition fixtures are encouraged to speak with their Community Branch for recommendation to Football NSW.

  • George Alexander
  • Nick Asargiotis
  • Richard Baker
  • James Barnes
  • Larry Bittman
  • John Bowdler
  • Malcolm Buchanan
  • John Cameron
  • Robert Colombo
  • Con Diomis
  • Roger Doenau
  • Sarah Ho
  • Frank Johns
  • Wayne Lenardon
  • Geoff Leverton
  • Keith Lockrey
  • Richard Lorenc
  • Simon Micallef
  • Jim Nicolaou
  • Sandro Perticarini
  • Wal Phelps
  • Les Rae
  • Doug Rennie
  • Ray Sandell
  • Laurie Smit
  • Alex Spiroski
  • Kevin Tooke
  • Alan Townsend
  • Barry Wilkinson

Life Members (Deceased)

  • John Barr
  • Reid Barton
  • William Blakey
  • Tony Boscovic
  • Aulden Brown
  • William Chard
  • Frank Chidgey
  • Alan Dobson
  • John de Witt
  • John Hague
  • Harry Heggens
  • Ray Iredale
  • Bill Jamieson
  • Ernie Lane
  • Tom Leighton
  • Ron Lupton
  • Donald McDonald
  • Nial McHugh
  • Alan McKenzie
  • Dennis Micallef
  • Jon Nies
  • Roy Pearce
  • George Pedler
  • Gary Power
  • John Robertson
  • Jack Scarborough
  • Noel Vidler
  • Leo Wilson
  • Johnny Warren (Honorary)