Club Coach Coordinator Program

What is the CCC Program and Role?

The primary purpose of the CCC position is to provide relevant and valued coach support in the club environment, and to monitor and mentor coaches to conduct appropriate quality football activities that will enhance the players and coaches experience.

It is important to recognise that this role is designed to be flexible to meet the specific needs of your club, therefore specific areas can be the focus for the CCC, e.g. coaching support, recruitment, retention, parent information, club culture etc;, it is not intended to address every area in coaching, but merely to support and value coaching within the club environment in a way that assists in providing quality experiences for young players.

How much time is needed?

Time allocated to this endeavour should be determined in conjunction with club and the CCC, and the role should not be seen as onerous or separate to their coaching; it is important for the CCC to continue to coach as this is the main reason they are at the club. A commitment by the CCC to 1 hour a week can be advantageous in supporting new and inexperienced coaches; any additional hours that are allocated by the CCC are a bonus, with some clubs appointing a number of CCC’s to cater for a wide range of coaches within the club, thus providing greater levels of support for coaches and spreading the workload, whilst also providing opportunities for CCC’s to share experiences.

Benefits of the CCC Program

Benefits to your club

  • Improve retention of players
  • Improve retention of coaches
  • Improve club culture to assist in recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Improve quality of coaching and sharing of information
  • Encourages coaches to progress to the next level of accreditation through the motivation and assistance they receive from a mentor

Benefits to the CCC

  • Renewed enthusiasm and commitment to their own work
  • Opportunities to share their knowledge and skills
  • Learn new things from like minded people and industry professionals

What does a CCC do?

CCCs can play a wide variety of roles. Some these include:

  • Foster and support a positive club coaching culture
  • Developing a coach’s knowledge and skills
  • Being a role model
  • Building the confidence of the coach they are working with
  • Being a resource – either sharing their own knowledge or directing coaches to other sources of information
  • Assessing the coach for a qualification
  • Providing introductions to other people who can help
  • Developing self-awareness in coach empowerment

About the Club Coach Coordinator Program

It is widely accepted that player retention is vital to any sport and club. Research undertaken by Football Federation Australia (FA) shows that the main reason for players leaving our sport is a poor standard of coaching.

As such Football NSW are encouraging clubs to appoint their own Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) or team of CCCs to enhance the coaching, playing and spectating experiences of all club members.