Social Media Policy

The Football NSW Social Media Policy is in line with other sporting organisations. Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities to share and consume content.

From a governing body perspective, it is important for Football NSW on one hand to recognise the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement but also to protect the reputation of our sport, organisation and membership.

At a recent Admin Forum, Football NSW asked Association representatives if they would be interested in taking ownership of ensuring it educates its members of the use of social media. The majority (if not all) were interested in adopting our template. This social media policy aims to provide some guiding principles to follow when using social media. It applies to the entire membership including players, coaches and referees.

Social media policy download

Football NSW has prepared a social media policy which associations and clubs are welcome to use for their own membership. It is recommended that you involve all your membership (including players and coaches) in the education around the use of social media. This will encourage adherence to the policy and ensure that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.