Sanction Information

Sanctioning is the process of applying for and receiving approval from Football NSW (FNSW) to conduct, host or participate in a football related activity (or event) to ensure the activity, venue, event and/or participants can be covered by FNSW insurances.

FNSW approval via the Sanctioning Application process must also be obtained for players, teams and match officials participating in events outside of their association or run by another State Federation, such as the Kanga Cup, Mallacoota Cup and Bill Turner Cup.

Referee Associations providing referees to an event to be run by a non-affiliate such as a school or cultural group must also obtain sanctioning from FNSW.

Sanction Applications

  • No Application Requiredactivities listed in the Pre-Sanctioned Activities list do not require a Sanction Application as these are pre-sanctioned by FNSW.
  • Sanction Application Required – activities listed in the Sanction Application Required list require a Sanction Application to be lodged with FNSW a minimum of 14 days prior to the activity or event.
  • High Risk Activity Sanction Applications activities listed in the High Risk Activities list require a Sanction Application AND supporting documentation to be lodged with FNSW at the planning stage of the event and prior to the event being promoted to avoid disappointment if the application is declined.
  • Non-Sanctioned (NOT PERMITTED) Activities – activities listed in the Non-Sanctioned – NOT PERMITTED list will not be sanctioned or covered by FNSW insurances under any circumstances.   All Sanction Applications for these activities will be declined.

For information about high risk and Non-sanctioned activities and other activities such as Jumping Castles, Inflatables and Amusement Rides, refer to the information provided below.

Summer Football Competition Information

All Summer Football competitions must be sanctioned by Football NSW following the Apply to Host a Summer Football Competition process.

Apply to Host a FNSW Summer Football Competition

Winter Football Competition Information

Pre-Season Trials and Training – Information for Clubs

From 1 November each year pre-season trials and training for the upcoming winter season can commence subject to:

  1. Approval for pre-season trials and training to commence has been granted by the relevant club and Association, and
  2. The trials and training are being conducted on grounds approved for use by the Association, and
  3. Grounds must be either owned by the club or association or under a current lease agreement with Council/venue owner and in all cases must be in suitable condition for football and be safety inspected by the club prior to use.

Pre-Season Training – Information for Players, Teams and Officials

Players and teams must always check with their club that pre-season training has been approved to commence to ensure the grounds being used are approved  for use.  Training without the permission of your club or training on non-approved grounds can be dangerous due to the uncertainty of ground conditions and is likely to void any insurance cover.

Pre-Sanctioned Activities

The following activities are already sanctioned by FNSW and a Sanction application is NOT required:

  • Association winter football competitions
  • Official winter season trials and pre-season training during the period 1 November – 31 December subject to:
    • Approval for pre-season trials and training to commence has been granted by the relevant club and Association, and
    • The trials and training are being conducted on grounds approved for use by the Club and Association, and
    • Grounds must be either owned by the club or association or under a current hire/lease agreement with Council/venue owner and in all cases must be in suitable condition for football and be safety inspected by the club prior to use.
  • Official winter season trials and pre-season training commencing 1 January onwards subject to the same conditions as noted above.
  • Official club registration days, meetings, working bees, cleaning of facilities and canteen operations (approved year round).
  • FNSW Summer Football Competitions – listed on the FNSW Summer Football website
  • FNSW Futsal Competitions and Futsal Centres – includes official trials and training by FNSW registered Futsal players.
  • FNSW State Competitions, tournaments and events including official trials and training.
  • End of year presentations held at the club’s own venue – excluding any events involving amusement rides, jumping castles which require separate Sanctioning Application, or activities listed as High Risk which require Sanctioning Application at time of planning, or Non-Sanctioned (Not Permitted) activities as listed below.

Sanctioning Application Required

The following activities must be sanctioned by FNSW and therefore a Sanction Application must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the event and approval granted by FNSW for the activity to proceed:

  • Gala days, tournaments, charity events, festivals
  • Bunnings BBQs (or similar)
  • Pre-season come-and-try days (refer below for information)
  • School holiday camps and clinics
  • Any activity not being held at a club’s official grounds
  • Fundraising activities not held at the club’s own grounds
  • Community Market stalls where food or other products will be sold by the club.
  • Club functions or events not held at club’s official grounds
  • Fundraising or other events involving High Risk activities
  • Special out of season training requests (Eg. Representative teams who require training year-round or outside of the winter season in preparation for a particular tournament)  Note: Must be held on association approved grounds and application must be supported by the relevant club and association.
  • Alternative training activities that are not football activities. Eg. swim sessions, gym sessions, beach runs during the season and out of season.
  • The use or hire of any jumping castles, inflatables or amusement rides of any kind. (refer to the information below)
  • Any other event or activity which is not a normal winter football activity.
  • Any activity that is a High Risk activity as listed below.
  • Jumping Castles, Inflatables & Amusement Rides – SEE BELOW – CoC document upload required with application

Sanction applications must be received by FNSW a minimum of 14 days prior to the event.  Applications received within 14 days of the event will not be considered.

Jumping Castles, Inflatables & Amusement Rides

All events involving jumping castles, inflatables or amusements rides must be sanctioned by Football NSW.

Where safe practices are in place, most usage of these devices occurs without incident. Serious injuries and deaths can occur however if equipment and operation of the equipment does not meet regulatory standards or is incorrectly set up, supervision is lacking or sufficient care and responsibility is not taken.

When Jumping Castles, Inflatables and Amusement Rides are being hired or used for an event, clubs must obtain proof from the equipment supplier that the supplier also holds a sufficient level of Public Liability Insurance.   Suppliers of jumping castles, inflatables and amusement rides to FNSW clubs and associations must have a minimum of $20 Million Public Liability cover and proof of this must be obtained and uploaded to FNSW with the Sanctioning Application Form.

To obtain the required proof, a copy of the Public Liability Certificate of Currency must be requested and obtained from the supplier of the equipment.  A copy of the supplier’s Certificate of Currency must then be uploaded with the FNSW Sanction Application form.

For safety information view these Safework NSW links:

High Risk Activities

The High Risk activities listed below are strictly subject to insurer and FNSW approval. These activities potentially expose the insured (club/association/FNSW) to increased liability and in many cases fall outside of the scope of the relevant policy terms and therefore are not covered and cannot be sanctioned.

Special Sanction Application to FNSW is required if any of the following are proposed for any events:

  • Inflatable football fields with or without a built-in floor.
  • Inflatable movie screen.
  • Wind machines or air propelled projectiles, including confetti launchers.
  • Special effects – including, dry ice, blizzard or snow machines, foam/fog/smoke or haze machines and bubble machines.
  • Hot air balloons.
  • Bonfires or any activity or effect involving naked flame. (NSWRFS or NSW Fire & Rescue must be consulted at time of event planning and must be booked to be in attendance for the duration of the proposed event for these to be considered and approved)
  • Live animals or reptiles.
  • Displays or activities involving vehicles, ie. motorbikes, quad bikes, cars, trucks, golf buggy.

Lodging a Sanction Application for High Risk Activities

The words “High Risk Activity” must be stated on the Sanction Application.

Sanction applications for high risk activities must be lodged with Football NSW at time of PLANNING THE EVENT and prior to advertising the event to allow additional time for the application details to be assessed by FNSW in consultation with its insurers and to avoid disappointment if the application is declined.

Additional information required with High Risk Sanction Applications

  • Written Association approval for the proposed event
  • Event risk management plan
  • Risk assessment for the activity (to be provided by the supplier to the club/association planning the event)
  • Name, address and contact details of the supplier
  • Details of the activity and any relevant information and/or images provided by the supplier
  • Confirmation of booking with NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Fire & Rescue (if required)
  • Confirmation of booking with NSW Ambulance or qualified First Aid Provider for the event.
  • Copy of safety instructions or Safework NSW Codes of Practice or Guidelines as provided by the supplier
  • Copy of the provider’s public liability insurance Certificate of Currency (minimum cover $20 Million)

Non-Sanctioned Activities (NOT PERMITTED)

The following activities are NOT PERMITTED and will NOT be sanctioned under any circumstances:

  • Laser shows
  • Fireworks
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Jet Cars
  • Bubble soccer
  • Firearms or weapons, including blank firing, replicas and imitations.
  • Parachuting, paragliding.
  • Displays or events involving helicopters or other aircraft.

Vicarious Liability

Clubs should only rely on advice provided by FNSW or Gow-Gates Insurance regarding FNSW insurances, including information or advice relating to public liability, vicarious liability and third-party providers, or any other insurances.  Independent advice or advice offered by suppliers may be contradictory that provided by FNSW or Gow-Gates Insurance and should not be relied upon. 

For insurance enquiries Contact Football NSW on 02 8814 4400 or Gow-Gates on 02 8267 9999.

Sanctioning Related Information

Player Registration Requirements

All players must be registered with FNSW in Play Football or the relevant registration platform prior to participation in any Sanctioned tournaments, competitions, events or activities covered by FNSW insurances.

With the exception of trials, clubs should ensure that player registrations are finalised and are active in the registration database prior to participation as failure to do so can have consequences for a player’s eligibility to claim under the Personal Accident Insurance or cover by other FNSW insurances.

Team officials, club officials, volunteers and match officials should also be registered prior to participation to be covered by the FNSW Personal Accident Insurance and other FNSW insurances.  Incidental volunteers are covered and can register retrospectively with the approval of FNSW Insurance Officer.

Non-Registered Player Fees

The Football NSW Non-Registered Player Fees enable non-registered football players to participate in the following events when sanctioned by FNSW:

  • Development Programs;
  • Holiday Clinics; and
  • Tournaments.

To be covered by FNSW insurances the non-registered player fees shall apply to all non-current registered FNSW players participating in the above Programs, Clinics and Tournaments when sanctioned by FNSW.  These players MUST be officially register in Play Football prior to participation.

Clubs that require assistance in setting up a registration package in Play Football should call the Online Services helpdesk on 02 8814 4400.

A list of all Non-registered participants must also be emailed to upon completion of the event.

2023 Non-Registered Player Fees


Referees may not be covered by FNSW insurances when officiating at non-sanctioned events.

Referees are covered by FNSW Personal Accident insurance when officiating in FNSW competitions and tournaments, winter football competitions conducted by FNSW associations, FNSW Summer Football competitions, FNSW Futsal competitions and FNSW sanctioned events.

Referees are also covered by FNSW insurances when participating in official referee training, mentoring, referee coaching and meetings.

Referees are not covered by FNSW insurances when providing refereeing services at non-sanctioned competitions, tournaments or events unless their participation in such activities has been sanctioned by FNSW.  If unsure whether an event is sanctioned, Referee Associations should ask event organisers for confirmation that the event is sanctioned by FNSW or contact FNSW on 02 8814 4454 and ask for Sanctioning assistance.

If a Referee Association is providing referees to a non-sanctioned competition or tournament, E.g. Johnny Warren Cup, King’s School Tournament, Police Games etc. the Referee Association needs to complete a Sanction Application form to apply for ‘Participation Sanctioning‘ for their Referee Association referees to provide referee services at these events.

Come and Try Events

These events are a great way to attract new players to football in the lead up to the season. These activities generally include skills training or ‘game play’ activities.  Club Come-and-Try events require sanctioning and are usually held prior to or alongside club registration days. Come-and-Try events are non-competitive and MUST be provided as a free activity for participants.


Charity Tournaments

Application can be made to FNSW for teams to be sanctioned to participate in official charity tournaments.  Contact Football NSW for information regarding Charity tournaments and events (see contact details on this page).

Other Events & Tournaments

Team and Player Sanctioning Requirements

Prior to entering any tournament conducted by another Football Australia Member Federation or affiliated organisation outside of their association or Football NSW.  E.g. Kanga Cup, Bill Turner Cup, Mallacoota Cup, teams and players MUST obtain approval from their club, association and Football NSW

FNSW does not sanction tournaments or events conducted by non-affiliated organisations. FNSW can only sanction participation in these events by registered FNSW participants if the participation is supported by the relevant club and association and FNSW.

The Personal Accident insurance provided by FNSW shall only apply when a tournament and/or participation in a tournament or event has been sanctioned by FNSW.  Other insurances provided by FNSW shall only apply to events and activities conducted by FNSW affiliated clubs, associations and FNSW.