Strategic Plan 2023-26

Football NSW aims to drive a new era of alignment and collaboration between our Members, Football NSW, and Football Australia. Right across the football family, we must ensure greater clarity in roles and responsibilities at every level.

Football NSW will focus on improved support, service delivery, guidance, and empowerment of our Members. Accountability will be more important than ever, along with an aim of removing duplication whilst ensuring a genuine emphasis on the football experience of all participants.

The fundamentals of our strategy for football in NSW align with Football Australia’s national strategy. As Members adopt key, relevant strategies in their own plans, the football community will become a stronger force as all levels of the game progress in the same direction.

The co-hosting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 offers the chance to galvanise the sport like nothing before.

Our purpose

To Facilitate the Best Experience for All.

Our mission

Leading and Supporting the Growth of Football Across All Cultures and Communities.

10 year growth goals

  • Football Remains the Largest Participation Sport
  • Football is the Largest Team Sport for Females
  • Achieve 50/50 Gender Participation

We will achieve our goals by focussing on

Growing female football

Capitalise on the hosting of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to leave a legacy for female football

Supporting community football

Achieve 75% retention rate by supporting our members to deliver positive football experiences for all participants

Enhancing competitions

Delivering quality football competitions for all participants and supporters of the game

Producing football talent

Average 45% selection for national teams by providing development opportunities through our high-performance pathways

Providing leadership

Being collaborative, transparent and ambitious in the governance and operations of the game

How we do it


We act in a trustworthy, respectful and authentic manner


We are determined to be innovative and to celebrate excellence


We are for open and accessible to all. We celebrate the history of the game


We inspire confidence and adapt to any situation