Strong volunteer focus at Fairfield Bulls


It is quite fitting that today marks International Volunteer Day that we take a closer look at Southern Districts Soccer Football Association’s proud Assyrian club Fairfield Bulls who have continued to place a strong emphasis on recruiting volunteers each football season.

The club currently has 15 Committee Members with 55 Coaches and Managers split across its 26 teams, all of which are passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, who, like so many others, give up their weeknights and weekends to ensure their participants are enjoying the game they love.

“They are the drivers, enablers, champions, heroes, and very worthy community members that allow over 300 members play the sport we all love and enjoy,” said Fairfield Bulls’ Club Secretary Sargon Hassdo.

“Without these individuals providing their valued time and passion to drive our successful organisation, we as a Club could not be we are today and have continued to operate in NSW for over 50 years.

“Fairfield Bulls FC is a pillar for our Australian Assyrian community in Sydney and we could not have made all these memories without the drive and vision of volunteers present and past.”

One of the Bulls’ most dedicated volunteers is 30-year-old George Danyal who stated to Football NSW that it was his love for the game that lured him to becoming a volunteer at the club.

“My passion for football and my love for the community is what drew me to becoming a club volunteer.

“I also wanted to see our mighty club grow and become successful as we once were in the past and have been in recent years.

Asked what advice he’d give to anyone wanting to become a volunteer Danyal stated.

“Having commitment and passion for the organisation you are volunteering for will make it an enjoyable experience. It might be an unknown experience at the start but once it becomes an experience you enjoy then it will be worth getting involved to begin with.

“All types of volunteers are very important to football and without them a club cannot function to its potential. Whether you are in the canteen, coaching teams, in administration, maintaining facilities or running a club your role allows football to cherish.”

Along with a push for clubs within NSW recruiting volunteers for the 2023 football season has also come the news that volunteer positions are still available for next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.

With eight months to go until the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Australia & New Zealand kicks off, volunteers hoping to get involved in the tournament are now able to submit expressions of interest via FIFA’s Volunteer Programme.

Thousands of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ volunteers are needed across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, to be part of what will be an amazing experience, click here to register your interest today.