Granville Football Association prepares for exciting 2023 season

Granville Football Association has had a difficult three years, but with the 2023 season on the horizon, there is renewed optimism around the organisation. 

Granville Football General Manager Rosanna Lentini said whilst the last few years had been difficult, she was confident that better conditions would lead to a return to growth of the game.

As part of their ambition to make Granville, known to many as the oldest running football association in NSW, a destination for football, Lentini said the Association is looking forward to capitalising on rising interest in female football due to the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Australia.

“It’s definitely been a tough few years, but we’re optimistic for 2023,” she said.

“With COVID behind us and hopefully no more flooding, we are looking to take advantage of the interest in participation in our sport, particularly with the FIFA Women’s World Cup arriving in Australia later this year,” she said.

The Association is running a premier Senior Women’s competition in partnership with Blacktown and Districts Soccer Football Association, called the Phoenix League. The teams compete in a Premier-grade competition, offering exciting female football to players and fans alike.

Another area of female participation that the Association is hoping to add numbers in is in it’s ranks of female referees.

“We do have a strong cadet game leader program that is completely funded by the Association,” she said.

“This gets people into leading our MiniRoos games for our youngest participants, and we’re hoping that by removing the cost of this program we can get more referees into the system and progressing into the next level of officiating.”

Alongside this, Granville will also continue their X-League Men’s Football competition for the 2023 season. With both male and female teams available for players of all ages, Granville Football Association is looking forward to a successful 2023 season – and beyond.

The Association has taken steps to ensure that they are well set up for the future, and are confident that they can make a real contribution to football in Sydney.

With a bright future ahead of them, Granville Football Association looks ready to rise from three difficult years

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