Powerchair Referees Course Confirmed


A free two-day Powerchair Football Referees course has been announced to be held on 30th April – 1st of May in a bid to entice more referees to the game.

Powerchair football is a version of football modified specifically for powerchair users.

It’s a dynamic and fast-paced sport, with the metal footguard at the front of each chair working as the athlete’s ‘boots’.

The sport is played with a 13-inch football, far larger than what you would normally see.

The primary role of referees in any sport is to ensure that the game is played fairly.

In Powerchair Football, this is particularly crucial because the players have different levels of disabilities, and it is the responsibility of the referee to ensure that each player is given an equal opportunity to compete.

Another critical role of referees is to ensure the safety of the players.

This is particularly important in Powerchair Football, where players are vulnerable due to their disabilities.

Course Details

This course has been set up for those that have been refereeing in a local competition but have not done a referee a powerchair refereeing course.

It is also a great opportunity to transfer your refereeing skills from the outdoor game to a very special style of football proving that football is for all.


  • Two-day course