Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Frost


Kissing Point FC’s proud President Andrew Frost lives and breathes the world game but most importantly relishes his role as one of the club’s many hardworking volunteers that makes this Northern Suburbs Football Association side tick, week in week out.

Having held the position as President for the last five seasons, the 46-year-old has overseen a period of significant growth and many improvements at Kissing Point FC.

He is well known for being a calm and assured leader, who works to ensure the wellbeing of members, growing the membership, and continually improving the club’s offering.

Andrew has championed the introduction of pathways for development-focused players. He was heavily involved in all aspects of new SAP/Dev, Diamond League, Super League and G6/7 programs.

He also established the club’s mission, vision, one year and five-year strategies, mobilizing members and the Committee around these priorities.

Impressive growth in player numbers is indicative of the community’s enthusiasm for Andrew’s direction and vision.

Working with other volunteers, he has lifted the profile, focus and resources for girls and women in football.

In 2022, Kissing Point FC won the Northern Suburbs Football Association’s Female Football Award.

Andrew works with other clubs on key issues and with Council on facilities. He has recently completed a facilities study with a consulting firm, focusing on how the club can accommodate future player growth.

In addition to these big picture items, Andrew continues to lead by example, helping to maintain and preparing grounds, including patching, seeding and high-pressure cleaning.

He attends games across various age groups to connect with as many families as possible and has personally attended to complex code of conduct issues. He is always willing to help, from All Age right through to the MiniRoos to over 55s.

Andrew is often nominated for the club’s prestigious ‘Friend of the Club’ award. Nominations come from all areas including parents who are relatively new, fellow players in his M45 team, and other volunteers.

Kissing Point FC is very fortunate to have Andrew as their President and for that he continues to earn the respect from everyone at the club and association.

Congrats Andrew on continuing to support the game we all love, football.