Volunteer Spotlight: David McDougall


Volunteers continue to be the heartbeat of our sport, and this has been well publicised with Lugarno FC’s David McDougall who quite simply has been the real MVP at the Football St George Association club for well over a decade.

The 50-year-old has contributed to a number of volunteer roles for Lugarno FC.

One role that David continues to pour his heart and soul in is taking photos of each of the team’s matches from the various age groups as well as having covered club activities and events such as season launches and presentation days, gala days, Life Members events all on a volunteer capacity.

In recent times, David has also become involved with repairing and maintaining club equipment and goal posts. Lugarno FC has several goal sets covering full size, midi, and mini fields which David repairing and maintaining these for the club on volunteer basis.

David has also taken up the role of team manager in recent seasons and currently serves in that role for Lugarno FC’s Under 18A team which is involved in both the Football St George and State Cup competitions.

“All club members and supporters are appreciative of the volunteer work and efforts David has continued to put in at Lugarno FC,” said Lugarno FC President Hagop Tchamkertenian.

“He always shows proactiveness regularly turning up to club events and activities without even being asked or prompted.”

Well done David!