Volunteer Spotlight: Gary Jones


Mention the name Gary Jones to anyone in the Dubbo District & Football Association and they’ll tell you what a hardworking and genuine volunteer and servant the 66-year-old continues to be for the sport.

For fifteen plus years, Gary has been an integral volunteer promoting football in the regional city of Dubbo.

Gary has a passion for Football and a focus on the development of the game in the community.

When he was working as a teacher (before retirement) he was part of the PSSA selection, organisation and coaching process.

Garry has coached at least 1 Western Youth League team every year for the past 10 seasons and now has placed a strong focus on how to develop and improve the participation rate of female players within the Dubbo community.

Garry has been awarded life membership to the Dubbo District Football Association and has been a long-standing coach for the RSL club.

Way to go Gary, we at Football NSW salute you, you are one of our amazing volunteer warriors playing a pivotal role in keeping our sport alive and well.