Females First for Nepean football clubs


Nepean Football Association (NFA) clubs are poised to benefit from multiple successful grants stemming from Round 1 of the NSW Football Legacy Fund (Infrastructure stream).

Off the back of Hawkesbury Sports Council’s pursuit of funding, three transformative facilities projects are planned for Bensons Lane, Icely Park, and Woodlands Oval to support gender neutrality and cater to the growing interest for female football within the region. 

Each project has received $25,000 each, for a total of $75,000 from the Legacy Fund, directly benefiting NFA clubs Lowlands Wanderers SC, Richmond Ex-Servicemen’s SC, and Wilberforce United SC.  

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Nepean FA, the governing body for football in the region, has witnessed an encouraging growth rate of 9% since 2020. Remarkably, there has been a 17% increase in junior participation among young females aged 5 to 12 years old. These statistics have been the driving force behind the initiatives aiming to create a safe and welcoming environment for all females in the region. 

Football NSW’s Facilities and Grants Officer, James Spanoudakis, spoke to the importance of the local funding success.

“The planned works align with the NSW Football Infrastructure Strategy and focus on the key pillars of creating inclusive football facilities and planning for future growth and demand,” he said. 

“Providing facilities that cater to everyone is essential. Offering our female footballers, a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment to play our sport is a vital objective.

“The NSW Football Legacy Fund plays a crucial role in achieving our goals for female football and aims to leave a lasting impact on the sport across the state.” 

Presently, there is a lack of gender-neutral change rooms in the Hawkesbury Local Government Area. Recognising this as a priority, the Hawkesbury Sports Council’s pursuit of funding through the Legacy Fund will serve as a catalyst for change. 

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup approaches, it shines a spotlight on female football in NSW and Australia as a whole. The participation numbers in the region, especially among young females, clearly demonstrate their desire to engage in the sport. The FIFA Women’s World Cup further emphasises the need for an improved experience for our female footballers. 

Round 2 of Legacy Fund is now open with the Infrastructure Stream closing on Friday, 11 August 2023. 

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For a consultation on your infrastructure plans for the NSW Football Legacy Fund – Round 2, please contact James Spanoudakis , Legacy Facilities and Grants officer.

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To apply, visit: https://www.sport.nsw.gov.au/grants/nsw-football-legacy-fund 

Football NSW thanks the NSW Government for their ongoing support through the $10 million NSW Football Legacy Program. 

In early 2023, the NSW Government announced $3.1 million of investment into more than 100 grassroots football projects across the state as part of the NSW Football Legacy Fund.  

The investment is intended to broaden female player options and increase participation opportunities, whilst enhancing football facilities and supporting infrastructure. This fund also aims to assist clubs in developing football programs at all levels through the construction or upgrading of community facilities, leadership, and development initiatives.  

As Australia prepares to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, strengthening the football community in NSW is key to matching the unprecedented level of interest in female football. The NSW Football Legacy Fund seeks to ensure it has the facilities and programming to match the buzz that the FIFA World Cup is generating for Australia’s next generation of future Matildas.  

More information about the NSW Football Legacy Fund is available  here.