Tatsis family kicking goals at Earlwood Wanderers

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Football Canterbury side Earlwood Wanderers FC acknowledged the hard work and efforts of the Tatsis family for their outstanding contributions to the club over the last several seasons.

A proud football family, the Tatsis crew featuring Jim, Christos, and Apostolos (Pauli) have left an indelible mark, having achieved remarkable milestones throughout their journey with the community-based Earlwood Wanderers Football Club.

“EWFC community would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the success of one of our Club’s families’, the ‘Tatsis family’ who have contributed for many years, including in Season 2023 and in many prior seasons, embodying what community football is all about,” said Tamara Mulroney, President, Earlwood Wanderers Football Club.

“Congratulations to Jim, Christos, and Apostolos (Pauli) Tatsis, who enjoyed success as 2017 and 2023 Football NSW State Cup Runners Up, 2011 and 2016 Football NSW State Cup Winners, 2011 and 2019 Football NSW Champion of Champions Winners, along with multiple local competition wins, State quarter finalist appearances and Kanga Cup successes.

“Their roles as players, managers, and coaches have set an inspiring example for our entire local football community, especially our volunteers and players.

“The 2023 season has officially came to a close with the Football NSW Champion of Champions Grand Finals Series now over, and the team are already planning the 2024 season,” stated Christos Tatsis, Co-Coach of the EWFC U21/1s Men’s Team.

The EWFC U21/1 Team and the two Tatsis brothers, older brother Christos (Co-Coach) and younger Pauli (Player) have participated in their final NSW State level game in the U21 category as they will now move into an All-Age group in Season 2024.

The squad recently lost to competitive outfit, Cronulla Seagulls in the prestigious Football NSW Champion of Champions U21/1’s quarter final. Cronulla not only won that game but was the reason the EWFC 21/1’s were runners up status in the Football NSW State Cup in 2023. Cronulla remain amazing rivals, as they won the 2022 and 2023 Champion of Champions competitions.

Mulroney further commented, “Thank you for your being such great role models as players, managers, and coaches. Your passion, dedication, and support are what make our club great, and together, we can create even more unforgettable moments in the seasons to come. Thank you for being a part of the Earlwood Wanderers Football Club family.”