Football NSW Match Officials appointed to FIFA International Referee Lists


Nine referees from Football NSW have been confirmed as part of Football Australia’s appointments to the 2024 FIFA International Referee Lists.

In 2024, we will see five new NSW additions appointed to the lists:

  • Ben Abraham (Referee) from Eastern Suburbs Football Referees Association and FNSW Referees
  • Maddy Allum (Assistant Referee) from Canterbury Referees Association and FNSW Referees
  • Emma Kocbek (Assistant Referee) from Nepean Referees Group and FNSW Referees
  • Brad Wright (Assistant Referee) from Macarthur and District Football Referees Association and FNSW Referees
  • Nick Backo (Futsal Referee) from NSW Futsal Referees Association

They join Kearney Robinson (Assistant Referee and Video Match Official), Andrew Best (Futsal Referee), Jonathon Moore (Futsal Referee) and Ryan Shepheard (Futsal Referee) on the 2024 lists, with Sarah Ho (Assistant Referee), Lance Greenshields (Assistant Referee), Kurt Ams (Referee) and Darius Turner (Futsal Referee) stepping down from their positions on the international lists.

Football NSW would like to thank Sarah, Lance, Kurt and Darius (pictured) for their commitment and dedication to refereeing at the international level and congratulate all the new additions to the 2024 lists.

Click here to view the full list of Football Australia appointments.