40 years and counting for Milton Ulladulla FC’s Gwen Johnson

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Shoalhaven District Football Association side Milton Ulladulla FC recently celebrated a major milestone in the club’s history following the news that one of their cherished female members Gwen Johnson embarked on her 40th successive year.


Known as the matriarch of women’s football in the area, Gwen Johnson has given her life to the club and to the sport she ever so loves.

Forty-years of unwavering commitment and service to Milton Ulladulla FC

Celebrating 40 Years of Gwen Johnson’s Legacy at Milton Ulladulla FC has been well received by the many who have had the pleasure of meeting and working with the superstar.

Gwen’s journey with the club began in the late ’70s when her two sons joined the club as young players. Over the years, she’s worn many hats within the organisation, including serving as the Club Treasurer for five years in the early ’80s. However, it was Gwen’s pivotal role in pioneering the women’s team in 1985 that truly set her legacy in motion.

As a player, coach, and mentor, Gwen has played an instrumental role in shaping the culture and ethos of the club. Her dedication to fostering talent, instilling confidence, and promoting inclusivity has left an indelible mark on generations of players, particularly within the Primary Girls Soccer program she initiated in 1995.

Gwen’s impact extends far beyond the confines of the football pitch, touching the lives of countless individuals within the community. Her unwavering passion, resilience, and commitment serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who have had the privilege of knowing her.

If there ever was a queen of Milton Ulladulla FC, it would undoubtedly be Gwen. With a tenure spanning over four decades, Gwen’s dedication and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark on the club’s history.

Football NSW would like to congratulate Gwen on achieving this amazing milestone, a volunteer warrior and lover of the greatest game of all.