Waratah Cup

The historic Waratah Cup is known for being one of the most prestigious Football NSW knockout competitions ever since it made its debut in 1991.

The Cup competition itself has gone through a number of name changes with the Federation Cup commencing in 1957 before it was renamed the Ascot (Craven) Cup in 1959 but then went back to its original name in 1962.

The Federation Cup name was then changed to the Waratah Cup in 1991 where Blacktown City took out the honour of lifting the coveted trophy defeating Avala 2-1.

The 2024 Waratah Cup is the 20th season of Football NSW’s knockout competition.

Sadly, 2020 and 2021 the Waratah Cup did not take place due to COVID restrictions and the postponement of the Football season.

The Preliminary Rounds form part of the Australia Cup Round of 32 competition.

The 4 winners from the Australia Cup Preliminary Seventh Round qualify for the Waratah Cup.

Tournament Guidelines

  • Match dates are subject to change, pending each Clubs Competition Fixtures
  • Kick-off times are subject to change for midweek matches pending what time the lights must go out at the venue
  • All matches in the Waratah Cup must be played on a synthetic field
  • Football NSW will determine the venue for the Waratah Cup Final

Waratah Cup 2023 Highlights

View the highlights of the 2023 Waratah Cup Final between Sydney United 58 and APIA Leichhardt.