Playing for an Additional Club

Overview of the Application
The purpose of the Football NSW Playing for an Additional Club – Exception Circumstance (application) is to guide Football NSW and the Football Associations when considering granting exceptional circumstances for children.

This application is not intended to motivate or generate playing for an additional club applications. The application seeks to enable participation in the sport where family circumstances or geographic location present a challenge to regular participation for a child.

Upon approval, Playing for an Additional Club is granted under this application applies for that season only. Should a player wish to be considered for future seasons, an application must be resubmitted.

FNSW is able to consider granting Playing for an Additional Club opportunities for children in accordance with the following two categories;

  1. Split Family
  2. Regional Development

The Application Process comprises;

  • Identification of circumstance;
  • Intended clubs, Association and Branch information; and
  • Terms and Conditions

All of which are combined in this online application.

Upon approval, Football NSW will confirm the agreement with a confirmation letter to the parents of the player, the primary and secondary club along with the Associations and Branch where appropriate.

Adult players who are requesting dual registration based on ‘Regional Development’ may also use this form.

Details on Play Football registration set up will also provided to both Clubs and Associations.

Process of Submission
Each Applicant is required to complete this online application process:

The application must be supported by the Primary and Secondary Clubs and their relevant associations prior to being submitted to FNSW for review.

Four (4) letters of support need to be attached (Primary Club letter, Primary Association letter, Secondary Club letter, Secondary Association letter).

This form must be completed by an authorised person of the Applicant.

By submitting the online application, the Applicant will be deemed to have reviewed, acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in the application without reservation or variation.

Should you require any assistance in completing this form please contact the following Football NSW employee:

Aaron Dibdin