Matter Number Parties Charges Decision Key Words
AT 19-02 Scots FC v SGFA

Scots FC appealed to the Appeals Tribunal on the following grounds:
1. a party was not afforded a reasonable opportunity to present its case;
2. lack or excess of jurisdiction of a Body or a Members Appeals Committee;
3. the decision was one that was not reasonably open to a Body or a Member Appeals Committee having regard to the evidence before the Body or the Member Appeals Committee; and
4. severity, but only where a Body or Member Appeals Committee imposed a deduction, loss or ban on accruing six (6) or more competition points.

1. The Appeal is allowed.
2. The determinations of the SGFA GPT and SGFA AC that Scots FC PL/R breached part 3 section 8(b)(ii) of the SGFA By-Laws are each affirmed.
3. The determinations of the SGFA GPT and SGFA AC imposing upon Scots FC PL/R and Scots FC PL1 a sanction of a forfeiture of 6 competition points for 2019 and 12 competition points suspended until 21 December 2020 is set aside.
4. Pursuant to Part 3 section 8 (b)(ii) of the By-Laws Scots FC PL/R and Scots FC PL1 each forfeit 12 competition points for the 2019 season.

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