SAP Player Feature: Dylan Ruiz-Diaz enjoying the SAP West challenge


The Glenhaven resident is currently enrolled in the SAP West squad and is playing up two age groups in the Under 11s and 12s squad coached by Ben Wright. The talented youngster says he loves everything about the SAP.

?Playing in a higher age group gives me a better challenge, mainly? when I play against higher level teams and players?

The Barcelona and Messi fan first started playing at the age of four and played for AC United and Sydney Juniors in the Southern Districts Association. He has continued to grow as a footballer ever since and his passion for the round ball game is plain to see.

?I love everything about football,? he says, nominating scoring goals as a particular source of enjoyment.

Ruiz-Diaz says he mainly joined the SAP to help him learn and develop into a better player through exposure to a higher standard of elite junior football.

?The reason why I joined the SAP was probably to play the highest level possible compared to my previous teams I have played for.?

Ruiz-Diaz trains three times a week at the Football NSW headquarters at Valentine Sports Park, Glenwood. Being a part of the SAP West team, he enjoys the short travelling distance from Glenhaven.

?Training can be intense, then it can just be calm. I?m enjoying the environment of the SAP and being a part of the SAP West team as it?s close to FNSW headquarters.?

Ruiz-Diaz takes more out of the SAP than just football skills, saying he learns a lot of things he can apply both on the field and in everyday life. Through this learning experience, Ruiz-Diaz hopes to excel by playing against higher level teams and enjoy the challenges that come with being involved in the SAP Program.

?We learn that we must do well in school, which also is similar to football. We have to get a good education in football to play better.

?Playing against other teams, it?s a better challenge since I?m playing in a higher age group, but playing against higher level players and teams make me a better player.?
-By Steven Nguyen