Han Berger visits SAP Game Day


Seen here with Gladesville Hornsby SAP players Kai Mcloughlin and Justin Murray, Han cast his expert eye over many games and was impressed by the talent that he saw.
True to the methodology of the program, the day was not about size, strength and power but about skill and effective possession and all teams have made tremendous improvements during the summer training program and the Game Days.
Parent and coach behaviour also made a good impression on Han who has too often seen the ?win at all cost? mentality stifling player development in Australia.
Players in SAP have been able to express themselves and develop in a more enjoyable environment and the improvements are there for all to see.
All players and coaches now have a well-deserved rest for the Christmas break and are all looking forward to starting again in 2012 in the Skill Acquisition Program and the Skill Acquisition League.