Phil Mosely launches History of Soccer in NSW


Football enthusiast Phil Mosely launched his book titled ‘History of Soccer in NSW 1800-1980’ at Valentine Sports Park’s Learning Centre on Thursday.

Over 50 people including family and friends of Phil Mosely as well as the Football family including Football NSW and the FFA attended the launch which was given that extra special touch with well-known Australian Football journalist Michael Cockerill as the master of ceremonies.

With over 30 years of experience as one of Australia’s most knowledgeable football writers and commentators, Cockerill was full of praise of the achievements Phil experienced while writing this masterpiece.

“It’s a brilliant book, very fascinating and a number of well hidden gems that I am sure will hit the spot for many football purists and enthusiasts.

 “This book is fundamentally Phil’s thesis and was once upon a time a well-kept secret but is now available for all to enjoy thanks to his passion and drive for the game.”

Mosely has been an active participant in football from grassroots level as well as being involved as a coach.

An academic historian by trade, his doctorate was followed by Ethnic Involvement in Australian Soccer and the co-edited Sporting Immigrants.

A young, growing family and The University of Melbourne’s Queen’s College proved distracting but finally, upon the urgings of Ian Syson and Roy Hay, Phil decided to publish this book, his original University of Sydney doctorate.

“The game is only at its richest when you remember its past.

“I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to write about this with the assistance of a number of people which included both Ian and Roy and of course my hero, my dad and my wife Wendy.

“I want to also thank Eddie Moore and Football NSW also for facilitating this special event for us in this fantastic facility.”

The book is certainly one for the many Australian football history buffs with a fondness of the beautiful game and its introduction in the Australian sporting scene.

It began in 1880 when The Wanderers trotted onto Parramatta Common. 

Thereafter immigrants, locals, miners and workers have combined to shape soccer into what has always been the code’s premier state in Australia. 

Over time the game progressed from paddocks to stadia but the quest for players and patrons, money and media was as difficult as protracted. 

There were such problems as Depression, war and the rivalry of other codes. 

There was also a dominant culture so often unmoved by a game it deemed to be foreign. 

The first 100 years of soccer in NSW is a story previously untold. 

This book plots and unearths how the ‘world game’ has fared in antipodean soil.

Phil Mosely Soccer in New South Wales, 1880–1980 has been published by Sports and Editorial Services Australia and Vulgar Press, Bannockburn and Carlton, Victoria.

It is available from all good booksellers via Dennis Jones and Associates at a recommended retail price of $39.95 or you can purchase it by clicking on this link here.