FFA, A-League and W-League Clubs work together to connect ALDI MiniRoos participants to Clubs

FFA Miniroos Aldi Shoot on November 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia

Football Federation Australia (FFA) announced that 230,000 ALDI MiniRoos participants will be connected more than ever to the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League this season. 

In line with FFA’s strategy to convert participants to fans there has been increased investment in driving awareness and branding of the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League within the grassroots community.

Based on registered 2018 players within the My Football Club system, seventy percent (70%) of ALDI MiniRoos participants have indicated that they now follow a Hyundai A-League and/or Westfield W-League club. The next phase is to provide opportunities and incentives for these junior footballer’s attendance to Hyundai A-League and/or Westfield W-League matches.

As a result, the ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off program will now include two (2) tickets to a selected Hyundai A-League or Westfield W-League match.

Participants will get to watch their heroes play and receive a premium, tailored fan experience. In addition, all Kick-Off participants will receive a Hyundai A-League or Westfield W-League branded participant pack.

The Kick-Off program is FFA’s national introductory program, aimed at new players aged 4-9 years. With over 12,000 new players registered to the program in 2018 it continues to provide a great sample experience to the world game.

These fan engagement initiatives make it an exciting time to register and play football through the ALDI MiniRoos.

FFA’s Head of Community Football, Emma Highwood said, “We are excited to introduce the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League brand to our Kick-Off players through a ticket offer and participant pack. This is a great step to encourage our young players to develop a lifelong affiliation and passion with football in Australia.”

FFA’s Head of Leagues, Greg O’Rourke, also believes this is great example of how the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League Clubs can work collaboratively with grassroots participants.

“As the largest participation sport in Australia it is important that we continue to evolve our leagues’ engagement with participants at all levels of the game,” said O’Rourke.

“This is a priority initiative for us that is only possible through collaboration with Hyundai A-League & Westfield W-League Clubs, as we work with them to support their current Junior Participant Membership offerings,” concluded O’Rourke.

For more information and to register, please visit miniroos.com.au