Frank Fruci the heart and soul of Bankstown Sports Stars


He lives and breathes the game day in day out, Bankstown Sports Stars President Frank Fruci really epitomizes what it means to be a volunteer for our beloved sport.

The 43-year-old self-obsessed football fan and well-respected figure in the Bankstown & District Amateur Football Association is currently in his tenth year at the Sports Stars, a club he adores.

His passion stems from his early upbringings as an 8-year-old.

It was then he realised that the world game was the only sport for him and nothing else.

“I started playing from the age of 8 and immediately feel in love with the sport and I haven’t looked back since.

“If it wasn’t for the local clubs, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity today and for that I am forever grateful.”

The dedication Fruci has shown towards the club is there to be seen on many fronts.

Chatting to him about his list of duties he attends to on a weekly basis, you quickly understand the amount of time and effort he puts in, ensuring the club and his fellow volunteers are doing their bit for their registered players, coaches, officials, parents and fans.

“My duties are endless and I could easily chat to you for hours on what I do for our beloved club.

“As President my duties and responsibilities consist of many things, the over-viewing of management and administrative operation of the club providing leadership and support to all our members.

“Providing effective communication to all our members, ensuring our club promotes the participation and achievement of its teams, ensuring the club is run efficiently, administratively, financially and socially to support all on-field activities. Planning, creating and implementing highly effective club development plans for the future of the club.

“I also organise club uniforms, register members as well as deal with the Play Football system.

“I liaise with local council, our local association (BDAFA), our fellow club committee members, set up fields each and every Saturday mornings and help out with the cooking duties for our canteen.

“I also manage and coach the Under 13 Girls and Under 14 Division 1 Boys teams.”

The club itself has 30 volunteers on its books, all of which who work tirelessly alongside Fruci in delivering the best football experience possible for each and every participant registered.

Fruci was understandably proud of each and every one of his volunteers praising their commitment for the club and sport.

“Our volunteers hands down have to be the most important people within our club for a number of reasons.

“They enable our club to deliver a community service, help develop and reinforce a social network and cohesion within our community, provide leadership as well as train and manage our teams.

“Without them, there is no football, simple.”

Reading this you get the picture that Fruci really is the heart and soul of the Bankstown Sports Stars.

You could imagine the pain he went through when news filtered through regarding football activity being temporarily suspended in March due to COVID-19.

You could also understand his elation when Football NSW announced this week that the sport as we know it for grassroots/community football was set to return July 1.

“I really can’t say what I was thinking but the first thing that came to mind was a sense of relief and the feeling of normality.

“All I could think about was the kids getting back out on the grass, competing, having fun, catching up with their teammates and most importantly remaining active.

“I thought about our community and the active parents and volunteers who love to socialize around our canteen waiting for their beloved coffee and I cannot wait to join them once again come July 1.”