Reminder: Social Media & Online Behaviour


Despite it still being relatively early in the season, Football NSW has already received a number of reports of online abuse of referees officiating in its competitions.

Football NSW and its Associations have a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviour and Clubs, Club Officials or other participants who abuse referees (or other participants) online will face disciplinary action by Football NSW or their Association.

If a Club believes that the officiating of a match has not been of the standard expected, or they would like clarification in respect of a particular incident, they are to raise their concerns with the Football NSW Referees Department (or with their local Association, as the case may be).  If a Participant has concerns about the officiating of a match, they are to raise those concerns with their Club and the relevant Club Official can then determine whether the matter should be raised with their relevant Competition Administrator.  Participants must not to turn to social media to criticise the performance of referees.  Frustration with a certain decision, or with a result going against their team, will not be accepted as an excuse for the online abuse of referees.

All Club Officials must familiarise themselves with the 2022 Football NSW Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations (in particular, section 18) and the Football NSW Social Media Policy and ensure their coaches, managers and players are also familiar with them. Associations will have similar regulations and policies in place and under which they may take direct action against Clubs and participants competing in their respective competitions.