Volunteer Spotlight: George Johnson


Volunteers continue to be the heartbeat of our sport and this has been well publicised with Picton Rangers Treasurer George Johnson who quite simply has been the real MVP at the Football South Coast/Macarthur Football Association club.

In line with National Volunteer Week, the 61-year-old has been a member of the club since 1972 and has juggled a whole range of duties that has seen this legend do pretty much everything; from line marking and cleaning to organising goal posts and setting up matches on Saturday’s as well as being the main man sorting out training sessions every Thursday evenings at Hume.

“I joined the Picton Rangers to play as an 11-year-old when it was founded in 1972 so I’ve pretty much helped the club out since inception.

“I became a volunteer as a senior player when I joined the committee in my mid 20’s as a registrar and social organiser then later became the canteen manager before moving off to becoming the Club President for 12 years and now in my current role as Treasurer which has been going on for 10 plus years.”

Asked what volunteering meant to the legend of Picton, the well admired Treasurer stated that it was his addiction to the round ball game that lured him to the sport of football which then led him to volunteering.

“Football culture is addictive and that’s why I played for 30 seasons but it’s the friendships for life that I’ve made that are priceless.

“Someone like Norm Boardman who I met in my younger years, I’m still great mates with, its what this sport gives to us when we play and volunteer.”

George’s contribution to the sport has been well recognised as he received his Picton Rangers Life Membership at 35 in 1996 as well as being rewarded for his 40-year service to the game in 2011 by Football South Coast but there’s one accolade the legend of Picton has put above everything else.

“The most meaningful accolade for me was probably a compliment given to me by an older Life Member at the club, Bill Porteous ten years ago which is something I will never forget.”

Way to go George, we at Football NSW salute you, you are one of our amazing volunteer warriors playing a pivotal role in keeping our sport alive and well.