Gilbane hyped for Ravens’ Grand Final affair


After a superb 2022 winning the Grand Final would be the cherry on top for Gladesville Ravens and one of their beloved stars Elizabeth Gilbane who will be one to watch out for in their clash against Hills United at Valentine Sports Park on Sunday. 

Gilbane has been at the Ravens for seven seasons and praised the atmosphere around the club which has helped them in their success over the last few years.

“This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons for me. It helps that we have been winning but the environment around the club, how supportive they are adds to that.” said Gilbane.

“Ravens means a lot to me. It is where I learnt my football and since I have come back, it has been amazing and we’re hopefully going to cap it with the cherry on top in the Grand Final.”

One thing that stands out during games is whenever Gilbane makes a big tackle or flies down the wing there is a huge roar from the stands from the fan club which has started for her.

“I am involved with the youth and SAP kids, so they come down to support me during games. It is great to see them with their posters and the support is fantastic all around the club.”

The Ravens have been one of the biggest success stories in recent seasons and it has been capped off with promotion which meant a lot to the Ravens.

“There was a big push for us to gain promotion this season. It was great that we did it with a few games to spare was nice so we could celebrate.

“I know it meant a lot to Shane [Stevens] our director of women’s football for us to gain promotion. So it was wonderful to do that.”

Helping them to make the leap has been their coaching structure which includes head coach Andrew Galbraith and Stephen Bott who Gilbane praised for their help.

“They have given us such great support both as individuals and as footballers which is great. Their work with tactics and as a team has been massive for us.”

Gladesville Ravens took the dramatic route to make the decider in a penalty shootout. Gilbane was successful with her spot kick and thinks their togetherness will help against Hills United FC.

“We’ve come off a big game in the semi-finals and we’re such a close and supportive club if we take that energy into the Grand Final, it will be a good game.”

Gilbane has some experience in the big dance, featuring in two Grand Finals at youth levels with a win and a loss but this one in First Grade is a different feeling.

“Winning on Sunday would be the cherry on top for us this season. It is good to have it back after two years where no one played them so it’s a good time to make it.”

The Football NSW League One Womens Grand Final is Sunday afternoon at 5pm at Valentine Sports Park. If you can’t make the game, it will be streamed live on NPL.TV.

By Justin Davies (@JustDavies90)