‘C’ Diploma Coaches enjoy Rae Dower visit


Eager ‘C’ Diploma Coaching candidates had the pleasure of having Head Junior Matildas coach Rae Dower conduct a special model training session held at Valentine Sports Park recently.

The Junior Matildas utilised Valentine Sports Park as its training hub in preparation for the upcoming AFC Round 1 World Cup qualification in Mongolia with Dower alongside assistant Jamie Gomez offering their time to help educate future NSW coaches alongside lead presenter Dan Sheppard

“The Junior Matildas staff and players were excited to host a model session for the new Football NSW ‘C’ Diploma Candidates,” said Dower.

“Understanding the journey into coaching is hard work, but comes with great rewards, we really enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experience with the group.

“We particularly placed a firm focus on the principles of play and the technical foundations for the ‘C’ Diploma, we loved being able to model how you can create a fun, positive learning environment, even with technically advanced players to keep them engaged and seeking improvement.”

‘C’ Diploma Coaching Participants – 16th April 2023

  • Paul Keorkes
  • Shayan Amiri
  • Daniele Geniale
  • Ethan Dabbagh
  • Jgor Cristini
  • Isaac Coutis
  • Ronan Ellery
  • Daniel Lilli
  • Michael Karagiannis
  • Martin O’Rourke
  • Alberto Gomez
  • Eric Alvarez Gutierrez
  • Andrew Casali
  • Malcolm Meilak
  • Nicholas Chernih
  • Yang Wang
  • Michael Cost-Chretien