Football Fever hits the Hills Football Association post FIFA Women’s World Cup


In the wake of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Hills Football Association has witnessed a surge in football enthusiasm.

The tournament has not only inspired more individuals to take up the game but has also increased participation across the sport.

This newfound passion is leaving a lasting impact on the Hills Association and is shaping the future of the sport in the community.

“There’s a huge community element and we’re not only noticing both males and females wanting to play football, but also a general interest in being involved with clubs, coaching, referees, and general conversations around football. It’s really all encompassing,” said Hills Football Association General Manager and Women in Football Legacy scholarship recipient Charlotte Ercil.

“We’re up around 850 players (35%) from last year and hit full capacity only a couple of weeks into our registration period.

“This surge in registrations signifies the growing appetite for the sport within the community.”

The Hills Football Association has also witnessed a significant return of players who had taken a hiatus due to various factors.

“We’re seeing a lot of returning players from not only previously run Summer Football seasons and those playing in winter, but also any participants that have had a couple of seasons off due to COVID-19 and the wet weather impacted seasons,” said Ercil.

This trend is particularly evident in younger age groups, such as the Under 6s who are eager to learn and play football in a social setting before joining a Club in the Winter seasons.

Looking forward, the Hills Football Association is poised for remarkable growth in its registration numbers for the 2024 season.

“We hit 13,000 registered winter players in 2023, a record year since our inception,” said Ercil.

“We expect this number to keep growing throughout winter, but also within our non-traditional playing formats for example social competitions, walking football, development programs, all abilities, and more.”

The Association’s commitment to diverse football formats is expected to contribute significantly to the sport’s continued growth in the community.

NSW Football Legacy Program

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The Program includes support for the construction of new community facilities, participation initiatives, as well as leadership and development programs.

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