Nathan Niski ? Dare To Dream


Promising young Australian footballer Nathan Niski was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2003 at the age of ten. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the loss of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and usually strikes children and young adults.

Nathan was always a very active youngster pre-diabetes.Having kick-started his obsession with football at the age of 5, it was a tough period for both Nathan and his parents.

Many of Nathan?s close friends and family were determined that his football career was not to stop and was told by the medical staff from The Children?s Hospital at Westmead that the promising star should continue playing the round ball game.

Nathan is a prime example that diabetes does not have to equal disability. He is currently playing for the Sydney Olympic Under 15?s side as well as playing Futsal for the Greater Western Vikings.

He former junior clubs included Hills United and Northern Tigers.

Nathan has also been involved with different football academies including the former ?Coerver? program and the Australian Elite Soccer Football Academy (AESFA).

The amount of insulin he requires to keep his blood glucose levels with a healthy range was also changing in more ways than one due to the increase in intensity at training.

Hormonal changes at the age of fourteen also made things more difficult to manage Nathan?s diabetes.

Nathan has been using an insulin pen four times a day and has also been checking glucose levels in the blood up to five times a day and even more so on training days.

Lately, Nathan was having too many severe hypos (very low blood sugar) especially at night, having gone into a coma twice.

His specialist from the Children?s Hospital therefore recommended Nathan an insulin pump.

This insulin pump has given Nathan a greater control of his diabetes management. 

What is not included with the pump is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

One of the great features this system has is the alarm feature which comes on when the glucose level drops.

After any physical activity, blood sugar levels drop.

This is very dangerous at night when the diabetic sleeps, as the person could go into coma.

This alarm feature in the pump prevents this happening.

Having a glucose monitoring system would be fantastic for Nathan.

It will give him more flexibility and the opportunity to play one day at the highest level.

Currently, Nathan?s parents are looking for possible sponsorship by any Company or Organization to acquire the Glucose Monitoring System which Nathan would benefit tremendously from this generosity.

To help assist Nathan you can contact his father Artur and mother Marina through the details displayed below:

*Artur Niski
Mobile: 0421734068

*Marina Niski
Mobile: 0417680755