Strikerite ? Get Into It


Strikerite, the revolutionary soccer ball that allows one to teach or learn, in simple and effective way, the technically correct way of shooting and passing.
An absolute innovation of its kind, protected by a world-wide patent (exclusively from Errea) and approved of from two major soccer organization like the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti and the Irish Soccer Federation.
Strikerite is a European solution to hitting the ball right and will allow you to master the art of striking a soccer ball.
Learn how to bend, drive, knuckle, hover, spin, juggle & backspin fast.
After just a few weeks of training following these guidelines, you will shoot and pass more correctly with better accuracy, power, and distance.
“This year is the first year my children are playing soccer, the strike rite ball and DVD is a fantastic coaching aid. Strike rite has plenty of colour and plenty of fun with excellent tips for players learning new techniques for striking the ball”.
Luke Casserly
Former Socceroo current Marconi Captain
?The the ball is light weight and the bright colours appeal to young players. Its a ball they want to play with. From a learning perspective, the functionality of the DVD and coloured areas on the ball for teaching players a wide range of passes and shots is excellent. It assists development of greater skill…something Australian youngsters really need.”
Trevor Morgan
Director of Football
Westfields Sports High School
For more information on this call the Soccer Wearhouse on 88144438