Smart Football, Smarter Footballers?


Manly United?s Ryan is a few short months away from completing his degree in Human Movements, one of a range of sports science areas now available. ?I?d like to work in the strength and conditioning field one day,? say?s the 22-year old ?It?s something I feel would not only be challenging but rewarding too.?
The attacking central midfielder hails from Blacktown, in Sydney, before making the colossal move (sic) to Pennant Hills and has been on the books at Manly for several years.
?Phil Moss is a great coach and knows how to get the best out of his players. He has built a squad of good lads and the results of that are now starting to show,? he adds.
A half-whispered reply to the question of where his allegiance lies, Ryan says his idol as a kid was Alan Shearer and that is why he now looks out for Newcastle United results in the English Premier League. Questioning his sanity on this answer and you also find out that Roger Federer and Tiger Woods are the other sporting icons he admires because; ?They have reached the top of their chosen professions and that is all you can aspire to.?
That said, when his degree studies are over he has the intention of continuing further education with Business Management high on the agenda, at the moment: ?Yeah, I?d like to do some sort of business course but that?s now. Ask me in 6-months and it could be a different reply,? he chuckles.
Ryan also lives by a fantastic philosophy; ?In life and in football I want to go as far as I can go, to push myself to be the best I can be. If the opportunity came to play overseas I would like to try it and to travel around but if not I like to think I can be successful outside of the game too.?
Not a dour lad, Ryan has a ready wit and dry sense of humour who names Craig Midgely as the joker of the team; ?Midge has been there, seen it, done it, has played overseas and certainly knows his stuff and is always ready with a joke. He has the larrikin in him or perhaps he?s a larrikin. It?s hard to tell the difference around him at times.?
So there you have it, a stylish midfield player and a learned young man with a hunger for knowledge allied to a burning ambition.
A lovely lad who has his head screwed on and knows the direction he wants to steer his life and career, and the good news for the ladies is?..he is still single too!
– Micky Brock