Referee Talent Watch

Also kicking off this month is a new referee talent watch segment on this web site, running through to the end of the football season.
April’s referee talent watch is Kevin Peddie, a new kid on the block.
At the age of twenty-three, 1.83 meters tall Kevin, joined our Division this year from the Sutherland Referee’s Branch.
After receiving multiple positive reports regarding Kevin’s ability as an Assistant Referee, last week I was tipped off that his true talent is actually in the middle of the field and that his passion is blowing the whistle.
So with all the promising feedback I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about and attempt somehow to validate what has been banded about.
On a gorgeous very hot Sunday afternoon, where most people would be visiting a beach near by I continued on my quest and caught up with Kevin.
The venue was a fantastic looking Arlington Oval where to note Kevin was about to make his Football New South Wales debut by officiating a first grade game between two main contender’s for this year’s title, Stanmore Hawks and Hurstville ZFC.

As I arrived, Kevin was on the line assisting on the U/20 match, I observed him and him alone and can confirm the positive information regarding his assisting ability is accurate, with twenty minutes left of the game he looked very sharp. 

Just before he was about to take the field for the main game I managed to fire off six talent watch questions just to get to know him better.


Q. Why did you choose to take up refereeing?

A. I wanted to get involved with the sport that I love so much and at the same time keep fit


Q. Have you played the game?

A. Yes, I played locally as a junior for ten years


Q. Apart from football what sport do you like to watch or participate in?

A. I like Rowing and like to watch Motorsport and Rugby League


Q. Is there a sporting idol in Kevin’s life?

A. Yes, Brad Beven (Triathelete)


Q. When not refereeing what do you like to do?

A. When time permits, I like hanging around with my mates and like going to the beach


Q. And finally, in refereeing sense, where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

A. Ideally, refereeing in the Hyundai A-League


As I left the dressing room to take place undercover in the grandstand, Kevin was instructing his assistant’s Jamal Soliman and Michael Seaborn. I noticed as I closed the door behind me that he did not show one ounce of nervousness for his first official game, he appeared to be very calm.

Finally the whistle blows to mark the start of the game and from the outset Kevin’s fitness stood out as he hovered over the field effortlessly.

Unfortunately due to other web site commitments I was unable to see the second half, however from what I witnessed in the first half I can assure our reader’s that he was on top of things, close to play, kept a good angle and positioning, looked very cool and went about refereeing with no fuss at all.

It goes without saying that for an up and coming referee there is always room for improvement in a development sense, however with that aside I was exposed to enough evidence to suggest that Kevin has the necessary referee attributes.

Coupled with his commitment and passion for the game I cannot but acknowledge and come to the conclusion that all this should allow him the opportunity to reach his goal. At the end of the day I too agree and recommend that a keen eye should be kept on Kevin’s sure progress.

Kevin will be celebrating his 24th Birthday on the 30th of April, we wish Kevin a happy Birthday and all the best with his future.   

-Written by Sandro Perticarini