Mails in the bag


That?s the thing with Mailer, he isn?t just a one-dimensional person, in football or public life, his character has myriad facets if you scratch the surface enough.
Born in Wagga he moved to Sydney to further both his academic and football career at the age of sixteen. Apart from playing for Northern Spirit, he also had a stint with Parramatta Eagles before moving on to current club Manly United.
Now in his fourth season at the club, at 23-years old he can be considered somewhat of an elder statesman at United but he rates the current crop as probably the best Manly side he has been in: ?We are playing good football this season in the Telechoice Premier League,? he states.
?Apart from the loss to Sutherland Sharks, even though we were not outplayed by them, we have maintained a good rhythm and are gathering momentum. That?s down to the lads and credit where it?s due, we all fight for one another.
?There are no ?cliques? at this club unlike some others I?ve been at so we?re all good mates on and off the pitch and that really helps with the teamwork and understanding on the pitch.?
So what about that Sharks result, if they were not outplayed, what was the reason they lost their only match of the campaign to date?
?Simply put, we were out-muscled and that is something that doesn?t happen to Manly teams. I feel that is why we believe it was such a disappointment to lose that game but I?m sure we?ll rectify that at our place,? he cheekily retorts.
Among his life heroes, being an avid Biography reader, Mailer lists Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali as two people he admires, particularly as they have both had to overcome great diversity in life and have come through many an inward battle as well as those thrust upon them form outside sources. (Long time girlfriend, Elena, would certainly come in somewhere along side these two notables but the lad is too shy to admit it).
Apart from the coaches he has played under, Lawrie McKinna and Phil Moss respectfully, ?Mails? reckons his family have been the greatest influence on his career, although they have never pushed him to do anything: ?Mum (Annette) and dad (Rodney) have always encouraged me to be myself,? he says.
?I?ve always been one to push myself, to get to the edge and look over. It?s how I want to be and how I try to life, striving to be better both in my private and public life if you like. If you don?t push yourself you can?t improve.?
That said, what other ambitions does this young go-getter harbor?
?I haven?t ruled out the urge to play A-League football. I?ve had a taste of the NSL and would like to pit myself against the AS-League clubs, and with the expansion of the competition, maybe I will realize that again one day?
Chatting with Mailer is a pleasure as he opens up well. Indeed, so much information, facets and humour spouts forth that one article will never be anywhere near enough to do justice so a further one will be forthcoming?..later in the season.
Stay tuned??.

– Micky Brock