Player Interview with Gladesville Ravens Goalkeeper, Claire Cherrington


Claire Cherrington
Occupation: Student. I?m in the second year of a Bachelor Education Human Movement/Health Education degree at Sydney University. I?m studying to become a PE Teacher.
Representative honours: NSW Under 14?s.
Which junior club(s) did you play for? : I played in a mixed team with the boys at Balmain Tigers club from the age of five. When I wasn?t allowed to play with the boys any more I joined Ravens. I?ve been there since the Under 12?s.
Why football? : Football was the first sport I played. It just stuck. I love it!
Players you admire? : Mark Schwartzer, Oliver Khan and Steven Gerrard. I?m a big Liverpool fan so that?s why a field player like Gerrard makes my list!
Most respected opponent? : Katie French of Southern NSW FC and Michelle Carney from Illawarra Stingrays.
Interests outside of football? : Music. I haven?t been to many gigs lately but I?m a fan of Australian hip hop music. I?ve done some nannying to support myself through University. I?ve also started doing some writing of entertainment reviews for the Qantas in flight magazine.
Favourite meal before a game? : I?m shocking with what I eat before games! I usually have six to eight Weet Bix in the morning but when I get to the ground I chow out on lollies from the canteen.
Who?d be your ideal dinner date? : The Welsh writer Roald Dahl. I used to read his books over and over again when I was little. From a soccer point of view I?d like to meet the Liverpool Coach, Rafael Benitez.
Favourite football memory? :One would be winning the National Titles with NSW a number of years back. The other would be winning the Under 6 Division 5 Grand Final with Balmain Tigers. We played extra time and a replay, then extra time in the replay before my friend Andrew Dunkerly scored the winning goal in the final minute of extra time.
The teams to beat in the Arrive Alive NSW Women?s Super League? : Illawarra Stingrays and Western NSW Panthers.
Thanks for giving us your time Claire. Hope that you and The Ravens continue to play well in the coming weeks.