Referee Talent Watch ? Michael Seaborn


Seaborn took control of the U/20 Premier League match between Apia Leichhardt and Wollongong Wolves
On the day, the game at hand appeared to pretty much easy to control as both teams really wanted to play football, however midway through the first half trouble was about to raise it’s ugly head as a scuffle was about to erupt between two players but it was Michael’s quick intervention that defused the situation and players took notice of that and control of the match was not threatened from then on as Michael hovered around ground allowing the game to flow. 
Michael comes from the Illawarra district and and believe it or not it is his first year with the NSW State League Referees Division. The Illawarra district should be proud as Michael’s ability to control games at this level does not faze him at all, usually it is intimidating for a new referee, not so on this day as he not only demonstrated but also used many refereeing qualities that is usually acquired after a few seasons at State level.
Although there is always room from improvement for any up coming referee it was quite evident that Michael is a definite candidate to take full advantage of the Division’s development programme that will without a doubt assist him to achieve his goals.  
Off the field, Michael comes across very timid young man, quite the contrary on the field of play where he looks confident and decisive in his decision making process. Maybe it was the fact he was been interviewed, in any case keep an eye on this young man as I have a suspicion we will see him control men’s football in the not to distance future and more than likely need to get prepared to be interviewed again somewhere along the line in his career.
Learn more about Michael below 
Q. Why did you choose to take up refereeing?
A.  I choose refereeing after I, along with some mates answered a local recruiting pamphlet and once I went along to the refereeing seminar I was hooked
Q. Have you played the game?
A. Yes, I played at district level for about ten years 
Q. Apart from football what sport do you like to watch or participate in?
A. I like watching Aussie Rules and love to play cricket 
Q. Is there a sporting idol in Stephen’s life?
A. Yes, Mark Waugh
Q. When not refereeing what do you like to do?
A. Sometimes I like just spending quite time at home with a DVD and the rest of the time I usually spend it with my mates just hanging around.
Q. And finally, in refereeing sense, where would you like to see yourself in five years time?
A. I really hope to figure and be part of the Hyundai A-League either in the A or B panel
Michael’s goals in general is very similar to all new aspiring young referees in the land and on yesterday’s performace there is no real reason why he cannot reach his goals.
We all wish Michael good luck in his future. 
-Written by Sandro Perticarini   (